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HL Architecture was founded in 1994 in Malaysia by architects from UK. Their combined and diverse expertise was  instrumental  in  building HL Architecture ( formerly known as Haeger Lindsey Wilkins Sdn Bhd )  as a multi-disciplinary design consultancy combining skills in Architecture,Strategy,Interior & Identity. 

Architecture |  The development of complex architecture programmes from the evolution of each developers brief with a clear understanding of commercial objectives and human needs together with an awareness  of the unique cultural context of SE Asia and the rich  opportunities in design which are derived from this  climate  and  culture.

Strategic planning    |       The  development  of  macro planning solutions for major mixed use commercial and residential  projects.  Providing solutions, which explore new  opportunities  in  terms  of  the inte-relationship of built  and  unbuilt  spaces  and  private domain both by understanding human aspirations international ideas in the Asian Market.

Interior design   |   The  development  of contemporary and unique solutions to interior design briefs in a variety of  contexts from  retail, commercial to hospitality. Each offers  the  opportunity to  develop  solutions,  which are  not driven  by  theming but are based upon a functional and  contextual  understanding   of   the  specific  target market which they serve.

Identity  |  Graphic  design and  environmental  signage solutions, particularlyin the context of bldg identity. The development  of   total  signage  systems  encompassing infrastructure,    directional,  informational,  promotional  and  statutory  programmes to  suit the specific context & scale  of  each  development. As c lear understanding of not only  2D  graphic  solutions  but  their  interface  with the  built  form  and  the  specific  construction  detailing required  in  the development if 3D signage applications.

Over the last decade, HL Architecture    has amassed a substantial portfolio of  work in Asia,with projects in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore,  Philippines, Fiji and China.

HL Architecture's reputation hinges on design    excellence    and    thorough detailing.  Ultimately,   however,    we recognise  that human  needs  should  top     and     logical    hierarchy     of     considerations    when    meeting    a  clients's design brief.

Our   alliance   partners  included   BN Architecture  (Sydney, Australia)   and NH Architecture (Melbourne, Australia).